Monthly Competition

Competition: Round 3 of the 2022-2023 Season

Congratulations to winner Rob Neal in the Club Division.

Fire & iceRob Neal20
Black, red, white and blueRob Neal19
Crystal coloursPete Joyce19
Diversity in motionRob Neal18
Starting to glowJoanne Sharpe17
Can you feel the force?Pete Joyce17
Light twirlsJoanne Sharpe16
Into the tunnelJoanne Sharpe16
Holding handsGary Parker16
The big blue marbleRob Neal15
Neon tadpolesJoanne Sharpe15
Under constructionPete Joyce14
Traffic lightsPete Joyce14

Congratulation's to joint winners, David Hopes and Rob Turner in the Advanced Division

Sky wheelDavid Hopes20
FairbrookRob Turner20
Boat harbour beachPete Warden19
Bath house bayRob Turner19
A wet night in SheffieldRob Turner19
Down belowPete Warden18
Roath Park LakeJill Jones18
Here comes the sunChris Tidman17
Sunrise at Penarth pierChris Tidman17
Waiting in turnJean Merriman17
On the beachDavid Hopes17
Penarth pierJill Jones16
Finding the lightJill Jones16
Bluebell woodJean Merriman16
Bluebell woodChris Tidman16
Rubha nan Gall lighthousePete Warden16
Morning at Derwent WaterChris Tidman16
Still waterPete Warden16
Vanitas - When time runs outJill Jones16
BeachcombersJean Merriman15
Sunset in NorwayJean Merriman15
PiazzaRob Turner15
Winterland lightsDavid Hopes15

Cumulative Score Advanced Division
Members Name1234Round Total1234Round Total1234Round TotalYearly Total
Rob Turner202017167315161717652019191573211
Chris Tidman181818197316171820711717161666210
Jill Jones161718186917181820731816161666208
Jean Merriman151616166316171819701716151563196
David Hope17161617661518202073201715052191
Pete Warden141416166014141517601918161669189
Stuart Dobson1515151459151515196400000123
Alan Janaszek14160030000000000030
Jeannine King1500015000000000015

Cumulative Score: Club Division
Members Name1234Round Total1234Round Total1234Round TotalYearly Total
Rob Neal151516206616171719692019181572207
Pete Joyce161617196814151516601917141464192
Joanne Sharpe141515176115181815661716151563190
Gavin Sharpe1417171866181620167000000136
Gary Parker0000000000160001616