Monthly Competition

Competition: Round 3 of the 2022-2023 Season

Congratulations to winner Rob Neal in the Club Division.

ThirteenRob Neal20
Water drop collisionRob Neal20
Wasp blowing bubblesRob Neal19
Make up reflectionRob Neal18
Scarlet lily beetles matingPete Joyce18
Flying kestrelGavin Sharpe17
CrocosmiaJoanne Sharpe16
Hoverfly feeding from wild orchidPete Joyce16
Public enemiesPete Joyce16
Pretty pinkJoanne Sharpe16
HeronGavin Sharpe15
Here's looking at youGavin Sharpe15
That rugged lookGavin Sharpe15
Don't even think about itPete Joyce15
Glowing eyesJoanne Sharpe14
From me to youJoanne Sharpe14

Congratulation's to joint winners, Rob Turner, Jean Merriman & Chris Tidman in the Advanced Division

Making wavesJean Merriman20
HollyChris Tidman20
Autumn in TorridonRob Turner20
Heather in pewter vaseGill Jones19
Lakeside impressionPete Warden19
Spring flowersChris Tidman18
Hydrangea with watering canJean Merriman18
Soay sheepGill Jones18
DesolationGill Jones17
DahliaJean Merriman17
Winter birch on Leash FenRob Turner17
Winter morningGill Jones16
The sorceress in the abbeyChris Tidman16
This side downPete Warden16
ContemplationDavid Hopes16
Red and whiteStuart Dobson15
Walking under the tree canopyDavid Hopes15
Wind and lightRob Turner15
Canal sideRob Turner15
Arum lilyJean Merriman15
Chequered lifeDavid Hopes15
The enchantressChris Tidman14
In the palm of the handDavid Hopes14
Lake district landscapeStuart Dobson14
Follow the lightPete Warden14
TitanicPete Warden14
Beneath the waterfallStuart Dobson13
Last Antonov 124 leaving FinningleyStuart Dobson13

Cumulative Score Advanced Division
Congratulations to this seasons Joint Winners, Jill, Chris & Rob, as per table below
Members Name1234Round Total1234Round Total1234Round Total1234Round TotalYearly Total
Jill Jones1617181869171818207318161616661918171670278
Chris Tidman1818181973161718207117171616662018161468278
Rob Turner2020171673151617176520191915732017151567278
Jean Merriman1516161663161718197017161515632018171570266
Pete Warden1414161660141415176019181616691916141463252
David Hope171616176615182020732017150521615141459250
Stuart Dobson15151514591515151964000001414131354177
Alan Janaszek1416003000000000000000030
Jeannine King150001500000000000000015

Cumulative Score: Club Division
Congratulations To Rob Neal, with this seasons top score.
Members Name1234Round Total1234Round Total1234Round Total1234Round TotalYearly Total
Rob Neal1515162066161717196920191815722020191877284
Pete Joyce1616171968141515166019171414641816161565257
Joanne Sharpe1415151761151818156617161515631616141460250
Gavin Sharpe14171718661816201670000001715151562198
Gary Parker000000000016000160000016