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Congratulations to Eileen Murray who has just gained her EFIAP/b (bronze).

Information on the EFIAP distinctions can be seen below.
The criteria for these two involve achieving specified levels of success in FIAP Patronised Salons.
There are many other detailed requirements, including the submission of a portfolio of the applicant’s more successful work, and the need for Salon awards in the case of EFIAP.

The next seven are known as the EFIAP Levels Distinctions from Bronze to Diamond 3.

EFIAP/b Excellence FIAP Bronze
EFIAP/s Excellence FIAP Silver
EFIAP/g Excellence FIAP Gold
EFIAP/p Excellence FIAP Platinum
EFIAP/d1 Excellence FIAP Diamond 1
EFIAP/d2 Excellence FIAP Diamond 2
EFIAP/d3 Excellence FIAP Diamond 3

From Bronze to Platinum, the applicant must have achieved specified numbers of acceptances and awards with work since their first acceptance in a FIAP Patronised Salon.
For the Diamond Distinctions, the applicant must have achieved specified numbers of awards from the start of 2015 or from the date of the Platinum Certificate (whichever is later).
In all cases, the submission must include a portfolio of photographs that have won awards in different countries.

Not only that but Eileen has also been awarded the ABPE distinction - this is the level beyond BPE5* so quite an achievement
Well done Eileen