External Competitions

Here you will find information about external competitions including entry details, rules, results etc.

The PDI Championship is open to all 600 U.K. clubs from the 15 Federations affiliated to the PAGB.
All 38 clubs that had qualified for Warwick were selected by the 15 Federations after local competitions.
For the 2nd year in succession we represented NEMPF along with (this year) Rolls-Royce Derby and Synergy.

Three judges, each marking in the range 2-5, spent the day looking at 1008 images.
In the first 2 rounds all clubs enter 16 images to determine the eight highest scoring clubs who then qualify for the final.

The remaining 30 clubs each then present 8 images for the PAGB Plate Competition.

Although they are open competitions a maximum of 25% of the images can be classed as natural history, there are also limits on the maximum number of entries per person.

Our plan was to try to win the Plate Competition with eight high quality images, our best option as we recognised we did not have the 20 top class images needed for the final.
A maximum of four images from the first sixteen can be used.
Normally all images that score 13/14 marks will do well in the Plate. In the event our 8 images scored a total of 102 marks, an average of 12.75 per image.

Out of the 30 clubs in the Plate we came 12th which, considering we beat 18 other clubs, is not a bad result.
Our best 6 of the 8 each scored 13.5 marks, close to the average of 14 which won the plate.
It is disappointing to think that there were just two high scoring images between us and the trophy.
We had 3 images which scored 14 marks, 2 from Lee Davis, 1 from Eileen Murray and 3 which scored 13 marks, 1 each from Eileen, Dennis Farrell and Ian Webb.

The overall winners were Smethwick whose 20 images in the final averaged 14 marks each - an astonishing result.
Rolls-Royce Derby came 4th in the final an excellent result.
Synergy came 6th in the Plate Competition.
The day saw a lot of images scoring the maximum 15 marks. Normally, over many visits to this competition, I have observed only about 15 images getting the maximum. This year 25 images in the Plate and 34 in the Final scored 15 marks, a very strange situation.
Of these 59 images probably 20 were natural history, 10 sport, 10 landscape, 10 people/children and the balance an assortment of “photoshopped masterpieces”.

If there is a will in our members to support our Monthly Competitions there is enough skill in the membership to create an overall improvement by organising mentoring evenings which could lift our overall level of competence.
Thanks to all our members who entered images.

Stuart Dobson
External Competition Secretary.